April 3, 2007


I would really like to thank the adBricks forum for inspiring me to make a forum and a blog with the same "topic". Michael and I decided that the "topic" would be Technic Lego and Mindstorms with a little bit off topic to chill out with and talk about things that is not on-topic.
adBrick, check it out, it is a really good forum.
Thanks to adBricks for inspiring me and Michael and thanks to you Michael for all the good help and support you have given me when we was making this forum and blog! We are almost done and ready for the official "release" of this blog and forum. And when that day comes will we start posting more on-topic then we are now. Thanks in advance to everyone!



ad964 said...

Thank you. You play a major part in our forums and yours, and continue to make an excellent website. Thanks again.

Andy said...

No, it is me that should thank you! lol, anyway, thanks, I will keep up the work on the blog and forum and I'll try to be a bit mor on-line on adBricks too now when we are almost finished with removing bugs etc. etc.