April 20, 2007

New Contributer

Hi, I am a new contributer to the Technic Builders Blog. First of all, I want to thank Andy for inviting me. I was recently chatting to him, and he invited me.

I am aware this is Technic blog, but I focus mostly on the NXT.

A little about me: I, like many of you, own both the RCX and the NXT. I got interested in Robotics when I was invited to be on my school's FLL team. I soon recieved my RCX. Since then, I have been an avid RCX user. When the NXT was announced, my intrest was renewed.

My current project is designning a robot for next year's FLL season. I am also working on a robotic arm that plays ping-pong...

When I have free time, I practice the clarinet and play ping-pong (table tennis)

I am also a contributer to the NXT Step Blog.

I hope to provide useful posts and comments to this blog,
Robolab 2.9


Andy said...

Welcome to the blog!
I hope you get a good time as a contributor here at this blog too!


Michael said...

Welcome Robolab! Hope you enjoy being a contributor, speaking of which I need to be a real one...