April 8, 2007

"Rover Robot" made out of Lego Power Function elements

This is a cool "Rover Robot" made out of the featuring Power Function elements from Lego.

The featuring Lego Power Function elements is temporarily set to be released in August 2007.
These Power Function elements is something I absolutley would recommend for Lego fan's with experience, I would not recommend it for Lego "newbies" since those Power Function sets are pretty advanced. If you are pretty new to Lego and absolutley want one of the sets I would have recommended the Dino set since it is not so advanced as the ferris wheel and the bulldozer. I am planning on buing one bulldozer and maybe a second one for trhe parts another time. The reason I am planning on buying the bulldozer instead of the others is that it is the most advanced one of the Power Function sets so far and I am pretty experienced since I have built Lego's for over 10 years (between 10 and 12 years out of 14)


222Doc said...

how come we cant by one now its like everyone has it allready!!!! well guess il have to wait, hope they save a few for us

Michael said...

That's awesome, guess I better go searching on brickshelf for something to post on here as Andy is winning the race to post.